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Sojourn is the fourth release by Minneapolis-based, progressive-punk band, With Iowa In Between.


released July 18, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Knol Tate 2015
All music written and performed by With Iowa In Between

With Iowa In Between is: Kyle Keller, Cory Elliott, Allie Pikala, Sam Stahlmann and Bradley Service.

Thank You.



all rights reserved


With Iowa In Between Minneapolis, Minnesota

jammy, sad, punk.

let us play in your basement

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Track Name: Summer
It was springtime
Foggy and flavorful
After it rained
It smelled like lilacs
We spent whole days watching puddles fill up
Dreaming of summer plans
Rollercoasters, popcorn
Scary movies, and beaches of sand

We were care free
Our minds sharp and scheming
We’d neglect the hours that passed
Overstimulation taken gracefully
Our eyes seeing everything
For the first time

Our happiness came and went

It was summer time
Humid and draining
It smelled like tar and chlorine
We spend our lives
avoiding the pot holes, opened up
Being let down again
Empty living rooms
Long lines, and burnt food

Were we care free?
But this must be a distorted memory
One ill never truly see
Just oversaturation sold to our romantic minds
Through eyes that yearn
For authenticity

You’re on my mind
In every memory
Its you I find
How in the world
We grew up so fast
Life came and passed
You’re on my mind

And I thought I did everything right
For just a season everything seemed to fall into place
But looking back with disregard to the expectations
There was never really anything for me to do but wait

Wait for the summer heat to turn
Everything we thought was our concern

Look back at memories; scars we earned
Everything we loved was set to burn

A fever pitch of lights and sound
Then nothing but black
Nothing but black
A fever pitch of lights and sound
We’ll get none of this back
None of this back.
Track Name: Good Weather
Southwest, a car comes to rest
Outside a little red home
White trim around the windows
Flowers watch the walkway
A real lovers dream line

Inside the boy runs to his room
The man walks there too
Remembering his youth
The room in his mind
As if he never left in time

But it all changed, like everything
Now a small space serving more purpose
A rec room and an office
An empty version of its self
He finds a for sale sign

To the kitchen, the boy and himself
Sees her bills, his mothers worries,
Old papers, same crimes, different times
After her husband left this world
Told everyone she’d be fine

Told everyone she’d be fine
Told everyone she’d be fine
Told everyone she’d be just fine

My senses misleading
Can I really be here alone?
Surrounded by you all
A room full of ghosts

Now you’ve left and gone home
I will hold your glory close

I only hope I can let go
Say goodbye to all the ghosts I know
I’m searching for rest
I’m dealing with death
I’m trying my best
At hiding from everything

Top shelf
I kept you in a cardboard box
When your world
Was reduced to ash

I never should’ve asked what happens
When people go and disappear
Their bodies are fed to the earth
In the last they will ever wear

Slightly more adorned when you left
Than when you entered
Easy to say you were loved
Easier to say you will be missed

Your work got left behind
But I swore I’d finish it
Or it would finish me if I let it
So let it glow

This little light of mine
To love everyone, my son
You gave to me
Just in time, ill let it shine

Dad and I, and my brother too
We feel you in these empty rooms
I’m sure its you, I’m sure its you

Although we painted, your pictures still remain
Left hanging in their frames
It’s been a few years and the lingering pain
Has gotten better
Ill remember you, fondly, like good weather.