Continental Divide

by With Iowa In Between

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Continental Divide is the third release by Minneapolis-based, progressive-punk band, With Iowa In Between.


released March 6, 2015

Recorded November 2014 at Ant Studios in St. Paul, MN
Engineered, Produced, and Mastered by Richard Lewer
Engineering Assistance by Andy Keech



all rights reserved


With Iowa In Between Minneapolis, Minnesota

jammy, sad, punk.

let us play in your basement

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Track Name: Wash It Off
I hope this letter finds you well

The thing to remember, old friend,
Is how terribly rough this place may be
But if we try to find life again everyday
The rain may clear and with it our conscience
We live in fear
What used to be so pure,
What used to be so clear,
Just disappeared
And you became

A ghost protecting home

The stench of death
Makes you long for a time when
The air was dry, and I was by your side
But for now my friend,

You walk these shores alone

And your only thought is finding solace at night
I abhor the ones that made you this way
Sent you to do their work
Those concerned with palaces
While we make it in the dirt

I worry over you
I’m seeing the decay
I am trying to guide you
To bring your beauty home

How could I ever walk in your shoes?
When the only person they'd ever fit on is you?
While I took all the fear in stride
Both of my feet became
Tarnished and blistered and bruised

I wasn’t there when you cast me out
Caught off guard by your audacity to lie
And the joke of it all
I’ve been here before
Staring into the face of the storm

You are drenched in mud
Trenches are filled with blood
You can wash it off
You can wash it off

You are such a war-torn fool
Comparing yourself to what I am
You’re fighting with a dead man
And I can guarantee no resolve

I'm afraid
I'm not making it another mile
Before they leave me unmarked
In this godforsaken ground

Most days
I pray for relief
To wash down on my face
To try to clear
My conscience
Of these memories
I can't escape

But some
I pray for fire
Some kind of life
Thrown down on me
So I am forced
To take a stand

To make a choice
For their beating hearts
To lay them down
Cold as the ground
It's my choice to make
Mine to take
My life to decide the fate

We are no longer human
We walk alone
I am no longer human
I am alone
Track Name: Joie De Vivre
Shells fell, shelters will, weather will
Whether winter wishes come to pass
Open doors to solemn, rash misunderstandings

I can only speak sharply,
My tongue bitten
In rooms we hope no one can hear
About problems we wish would disappear

But I’ve spent too long
Thinking of what’s worthy
In warm spaces
Comfort mistaken for the end-all

Focused on staying warm
Rather than moving forward
Please, take what is mine
I’m leaving now, I'll be fine

I’ll be just fine

Misuse of mountains
Abuse to those not around us
Death and its society do us no good

The monsters where I rest
Eyes beat and red
Can speak no more
To those not lost, but away

Adrift in the world
Weary travelers destined
To take the face of the wind
And the voice of the dead with them

I was the best at giving excuses
(Always running out of time)
My shadow switching me places
(Trying to find what I like)
I can hear my own voice saying:
(Leave the light on inside)
“I don’t want anymore”
(I don't need anything, I don't need you now)

Do these blacked out rooms
(These cold waiting rooms)
Filled with angry hearts
(Of complacent minds)
Help you find a home
(Are you with your kind?)
But I’m growing numb
(Standing here, dying inside)
To the same response:
(But you see)
"I’m so happy for you"

She’s afraid of living
Because she’s all caught up
I watch her sit, drained and out of love
Always hearing thunder from storms to come

Puzzled by the way she feels,
Everyday she reads dirty novels to stay the same
Because it doesn’t take much
To live in the pages of other lovers

She refuses to stray into her own
To hold anything real
Because she's scared of being used
Or ending up alone

The heartaches of a life
Where she’s never enough
Never the center of attention
But such a giver of love

She’s never enough

She chose to stay
Not as a bold statement
But because she knew the city
Hollowed, rainy, and rust-ridden
In her home she refuses to grow

Wet skies justify her immobility
With reluctant breaths she speaks:
"I might never see the world,
I might never accept death,
But I’m okay here."

Building hysteria
I wanted you to be afraid
Step outside
Find out what keeps you away

Little steps, small sounds
Moving in the night
Keeps you breathing
Keeps you sleeping tight

Speaking to you
Is an uphill battle
I cannot grip the earth
Charred and burned

Can you hear me?

The pressure was comforting
I never got up again

The pressure was comforting
I never got up